Emerson Fry


out looking at ocean rocks, colors

ancient waves on a frozen shore

raining and perfectly cold





'I was looking handsome She was looking like an erotic vulture I was all dressed in black she was all dressed up in black Every thing was fine down here' 

great show Black Francis 




meetings with EF C trying on upcoming unisex high neck shell 


Micks have been on a continual evolution each season and for several seasons customers have been buying Micks faster than we can make them. This season we updated the seam details and pocket details and produced in two new colorways.

Sughero (left) is a nice way to wear a light in winter, Indigos (right) are a colorway customers have asked for so they can wear micks as go-to blue jean year round, C did a really nice wash on both colorways.

Ankle zip and seam details on leg make these a really nice option for dress up/dress down denims, which is one reason these have been so popular, along with the fit - fitted straight leg which also makes these really versatile, day to night kind of deal. 


The United States has a rich heritage of producing things of excellent quality and employing artisan craftsman all over the country. We believe the industry is returning to the USA. 

Q: What are some things you've noticed or experienced by keeping your business domestically run?

E: Well when we first started a lot of people said you're crazy to produce here, how will you compete with the big corporate companies outsourcing everything overseas. But what they took for granted is the customer. We have a customer who is looking for a different experience. They’re looking for products that are made with their long-term enjoyment in mind, not this concept of things created for 'the masses’ where the fundamental value of the product, experience, and customer often comes squarely last. No one is 'the masses'! You know what I’m saying. Who is 'the masses'? You’re not. I’m not. They’re not. We’re not. We are all connected, and we are all unique. This concept of people as 'the masses' creates some serious problems and we can see evidence of this. Landfills stuffed with poorly made goods, environmental issues, unemployment in the trades in the USA, a country that used to employ thousands of people who took pride in their company and work, because they were making things of value. Our customers are looking for products coming from that place. Companies focused on high quality and customer experience. You ask anyone in our company what we're thinking about everyday and the answer is you. The customer.

So, the moral of this story is: don't listen to the people who say you can't do something. Just listen to the Yes in you, it knows what to do.


Q: Why is it important for people to buy goods made in the USA?

E: Well I can’t say why its important for people because everyone has their own considerations and they know what’s right for them, but I’ll tell you one of the outcomes/benefits of buying USA. Buying USA, from companies like ours not only ensures quality, it ensures jobs for a lot of people. And as everyone knows people in our country need employment. This is a very real and significant issue. In the trades and elsewhere. These are jobs for our families, friends, and neighbors. People we pass on the street, drive next to in traffic. And what’s great is when you look around you see that young, small companies in every industry - from artisan food to apparel, kitchen knives to furniture are bringing jobs back to the United States. I believe what we're watching is an American renaissance in design, manufacturing, and innovation. It’s exciting to see because it’s a ground up process, built on a strong foundation: Quality over quantity. Customer over 'Masses'. Confidence over trend. 


Q: Can you tell us about the challenge and the reward of having a business in the US?

E: The challenge and the reward are the same. The opportunity to evolve and improve every day. The opportunity to bring a product to our customer that will serve her in living her life, her desires, her chosen path. Everyday is the opportunity to do it better. Everyday is the first day.