Emerson Fry


Hey everybody here's a couple details on October capsule items.
Notably for all who're on the list for Trooper Boot these arrived last week and are ready to ship with this release.

Fans of Topper Coat will be interested in new color option. This coat has been a long selling customer favorite because it is perfect option somewhere between coat and sweater so you can layer under this and wear this all day at work/home and be warm wherever. 

We've got a couple dress additions for October, Combo dress (below) is a good option for winter this has wool body and coated cotton sleeves.

Unisex shirting this year has been a buyer favorite which is great to see, many people buying in an oversize fit but you can always size down for tailored shirting. new color in a slate blue with black button. 

Notable bag is our Unisex Carrier bag for hands free life. Many times you see these bags marketed to men however why that is i have no idea when a bag like this is so practical. Carrier bag has add on accessories to keep things organized/out of the way. 

As always happy shopping + thank you  e. 



out looking at ocean rocks, colors

ancient waves on a frozen shore

raining and perfectly cold





'I was looking handsome She was looking like an erotic vulture I was all dressed in black she was all dressed up in black Every thing was fine down here' 

great show Black Francis 




meetings with EF C trying on upcoming unisex high neck shell 


Micks have been on a continual evolution each season and for several seasons customers have been buying Micks faster than we can make them. This season we updated the seam details and pocket details and produced in two new colorways.

Sughero (left) is a nice way to wear a light in winter, Indigos (right) are a colorway customers have asked for so they can wear micks as go-to blue jean year round, C did a really nice wash on both colorways.

Ankle zip and seam details on leg make these a really nice option for dress up/dress down denims, which is one reason these have been so popular, along with the fit - fitted straight leg which also makes these really versatile, day to night kind of deal.