25 January 2015

hey yeaaah everybody! welcome to preview walkthrough of cold spring line. as always if you'd like to sign up to shop early access there are links throughout. 

*we do shop early access option because we make our garments in limited runs and some things we won't run again. if you see something of interest you can sign up to shop early. customers have found this option helpful in the past so we keep doing this. 

ok so let's do walk through of line and look at some notable details for you guys:

long time customers know that we typically focus on tonal dressing and looking at how many ways you can wear a piece throughout the year. 

this season we worked a lot with tonal greys and textural whites. tonal grey head to toe is a nice light alternative to black. for those of you who have a lot of black in the wardrobe as many of us do, investing in a wash of grey pieces can be a simple way to lighten up entire wardrobe in one go. 

Drop Shoulder Coat has been a customer favorite due to longer length and great for layering. we put this into a really beautiful spring weight wool this season (we also have this in black for those who are looking for a long black spring weight coat).

over last few years we've become known for our investment basics. many of our customers are either working students, professional women, or run a household and need simple, sleek, high quality options to uniform-up in during the week.

Luxe Emerson T is back but exciting new development here is a refresher from hemp to 100% linen. we have many long time collectors of this t shirt who have loved the hemp.

the linen version is brighter white, with a beautiful soft drape and complex, delicate textural feel and slightest of slight sheerness for spring.

the nicest compliment we've gotten on our investment basics have been from customers who point out that our T shirt is the one they wear the most in their wardrobe and that is in the best condition. these are investment t shirts for a reason and they just get better with time/use.

notable basic body is Unisex Crewneck T.

if i had to choose one item i will personally buy 2 of it is this T shirt. french linen for this piece is hand dyed and know we won't carry again because of fabric availability. for me personally i'd wear this everyday because its textural black/slate/grey/tonal. linen jersey = elevated t shirt. can wear to work. can layer under sweaters for a nice added color detail. hand dyed and unique. case closed. 

this is a unisex body because prefer the way mens t's fit generally (straighter in the body, longer sleeve). so can technically buy this for a man in life and promptly hoard. 

for anyone looking for a clean, sleek layering dress for spring we've got a dress body in Linen Jersey (comes with black slip) with an adjustable hemline. Spring Black.

denims this year, we are talking about textural white and tonal greys and some really beautiful textural darks. denims you can layer for work. 

fans of Frenchie Pant last season will be interested in White Shadow denim version. customers have loved this pant for the mens style cut and the clean front style, makes this ideal for work denims/versatile. 

if you need to pick up another/new pair in slate twill from last season we're re-running in slate version (below). this is cotton twill so with clean front and mens style details this bridges area between denim and dress, which is really nice uniform for work.


spring/summer months we're known for making dresses that are long-line-fall-away-from-the-body. can wear to anything, pull on with a great heel, draw on eyeliner, run fingers through hair and go. get in and out of cab with ease. move, have fun and forget about it. there's a real luxury to being comfortable, particularly for womens wear. these caftan style shapes are perfect canvas for really amazing, complexly beautiful prints. 

Turquoise Rock Print this season: 

this print is about stone. we put this print into several pieces:

Skater Shorts. yes these are like guys shorts, not cut with that 'curve in and out' for women. they are pretty straight up and down. which is the point and the only point.

we also did this print in Refined Tank (below) which is the answer to those situations when you would have otherwise needed to wear a 'blouse' or a 'dress shirt'. this is just a really clean, simple, refined option for all of those times. no fuss. 

this is also a piece that falls away from the body so has an airy, easy quality while being dressed up enough to wear the whole summer to the office, going out to something at night, or just generally in the heat of high summer. 

 let's look at a few more layering options: customer favorite Carolyn Sweater is back and in a tight knit/structured this season. we did this in slate and ice.


Topper Coat in heavy weight black linen. so we get to wear the protos of these things to product test during development period.

main comment on this piece is this is perfect layering piece and great in the area between seasons (cold spring, early fall). this is an over layer that is heavy enough to add structure but not heavy enough to add bulk/be something you have to take off when you get to where you're going. 

you can wear this all day at office or classes the same way you would a sweater. can layer this over a hoodie on the way to the airport and have the perfect coat-but-not-a-coat for travel. 

its been a long time customer favorite and have to say we keep making different versions because so functional. 

 oh fuckery are those White Slides? thats right they are our best selling slide in Elvis White. we made Elvis White in a scrubbable/cleanable matte fabrication so you can keep these pristine bright white if you really want, or allow them to get the crazy patina of time. either way these are bright white, and immediatly make a dark wardrobe feel bright. funny how that works. we also have Elvis White in the heel of our Thin Strap Heels this year. 

Black Watch! still directing customers to it! 



Skater Shoes in shark leather. bright white fat soles. wear all year.


yeaaaah movement time! it is a fact that if you have good posture you have the fountain of youth. it is true that if you find time to dance ecstatically in life you have a fountain of joy you can get into at any time.  it is true that if you make your body about movement that you love you will have everything you need for happiness in the body. 

for anyone looking for a psychadelic, workout storm of pleasure this season we have some options for dressing for that. 

of course you can end up layering Storm Legging into everyday wear which seems to happen more and more, or just save these for your daily workout routine, even if that is meditating on a cloud (which might be the best excercise of all).


 ok well i think we did as much as we can do right now! there are more items but this would go on for too long. ok!

spring line arrives next week, if you see anything of interest and want to sign up for shop early access pls follow the links.

as always it's a pleasure and honor to assist you. please let us know if there's anything we can do. 

 thank you customers and friends and happy 2015.