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Saturday, November 15th, 2014


Easy pieces for dressing up or not for holidays. Wearing stronger boxier shapes ensures you can actually have fun at the get together aka eat, drink, dance, or lounge around as the case may be and still have a clean line.

Perhaps there's someone you want to avoid at the holiday thing? Is that happening this year? Tuck into oversize scarf creating a protective barrier so this person can eventually orbit away. Orbit away like a holiday deer into the mist. 

On another note if clean structural lines are your thing our doubleface layering pieces are just the thing for that. 

Happy Holidays.

Monday, November 10th, 2014


Friday, October 31st, 2014


looking at doubleface pieces from this fall - doubleface is a structural, sleek fabric with a good weight that makes it great for the layering and standalone pieces from this fall 

one of the most versitile pieces is Drop Sleeve Top in doubleface because this travels well across different occasions - can easily be layered/dressed up for office because has a substantial, structured shape but can be styled with sleeves rolled, over layering dress and denims

Pencil Pant and Layering dress this season have been buyer favorites particularly because these are also all-season, versitility pieces - pencil pant can be worn year around as a fitted pant and tucked into trooper boot for heavier alternative to legging 

layering dress is a piece that can be worn year around, layered over in winter and alone in warmer months. 

properties of light

Thursday, October 23rd, 2014


When we develop products we think about solving problems for the customer as part of her busy day in life, work, or family as the case may be.  This bag is not intended to be a replacement bag but instead an auxiliary bag for days when you really need to be hands free, bad weather days, errand days, weekends. Its great for traveling and all the other times outside everyday business, although a number people at the office have started using this as their daily work bag. Personally have been traveling with this bag, nice because it expands and contracts so that you can customize the size, travel light, hands free.

This bag is unisex with milspec quality hardware and materials 100% sourced in USA and 100% manufactured in USA. Customers can build out the bag the way you want by purchasing add ons: internal computer sleeve or removable pockets on the front or side for accessories, cell, lunch, extra flats, etc. Bag has one big main pocket and small back exterior pocket for quick access.  As always let us know if you have any questions (here). EF