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Art Director


The Art Director reports to the creative director and is responsible for overseeing the creative team. The main goals of the Art Director and creative team are to consistently generate exceptional quality work product, accurately achieve the design initiatives set forth by the creative director, and consistently meet timelines.


  • Meet with creative director on a continual basis to develop an understanding of the story behind the products and the woman they are for.
  • Collaborate with Buying Team, Production Coordinator, and Marketing Director to understand the selling points and intention of each product.
  • Collaborate with the Producer to select locations for shoots to build desired story.
  • Collaborate with Producer to secure desired models, photographer (if required), stylist, hair/makeup, etc.)
  • Storyboard each shoot in advance and present to Creative Director for approval.

Capture (location/studio shoots):

  • Responsible for capture either directing a contracted photographer or personally shooting.
  • Direct models, hair/makeup, stylist, and photographer to achieve desired presentation.
  • Review capture content in-between sessions to ensure capture is being successful and adjust as necessary.

Capture (product shots):

  • Work with internal or external resources to create strong selling product images, lay downs, etc.


  • Review content during and after each capture to pull selects to review with Creative Director if necessary.
  • Manage contracted Image Retouchers to post process all selects to achieve desired results (i.e. overall retouching, nipping/tucking, contrast/exposure adjustments to best represent the products and story).
  • Develop and layout content for Wholesale Lookbook.
  • Develop and layout content for Website Lookbook and Product/Category pages.
  • Build a schedule and produce content for Slideshows, Journal, Email Campaigns, etc.
  • Collaborate with Marketing Director to support all marketing initiatives with successful imagery for all Advertisements, Features in Publications, as well as our internal Social Media Channels (FB, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, Journal, Etc.).

Brand Pieces:

  • Responsible for the continuity of all company collateral (Logos, Packaging, Labels, Website, etc.)
  • Collaborate with internal and external resources to continually improve the website design, creating wireframes and specific instructions for implementation by developer(s).
  • Collaborate with Marketing Director and external resources to enhance Website UX.

Summary of Main Bodies of Work:

  • Website: Slideshows, Lookbook, Product/Category Images, etc.
  • Marketing: Imagery for Ad Campaigns, Publication Features, Social Media Channels (FB, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, Journal, Etc.).
  • Wholesale: Lookbook
  • Collateral: Logos, Packaging, Labels, Website, etc.
  • Website Layout and UX.
  • Outlet: Visual Concept

Success metrics:

  • Success in collaborating with Creative Director.
  • Ability to meet timelines.
  • Overall compelling quality, aesthetic, concepts, and effectiveness of selling qualities for art.


If you or anyone you know are interested in the position, please contact us at with ‘Art Director’ as the subject line.



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Art Assistant

Emerson Fry is seeking to add an Art Assistant to our creative department. The Art Assistant will report directly to the Creative Director and work closely with Production Coordinator and Marketing to achieve layouts for publication.


  • Finalizing layouts passed down from Creative Director for both web and print.
  • Maintain file organization on Dropbox and internal server.
  • Loading and publishing artwork to website and social media channels
  • Possible participation in photo-shoots and photo selection (ability to shoot at times is a plus).
  • Occasional assistance with overflow of retouching tasks.
  • Occasionally you’ll be asked to create original layouts using groups of imagery selected by Creative Director and Marketing.


Additional Notes:


  • Position is full time in our Portsmouth, NH office.
  • Excelling in this position can lead to more responsibility and professional growth opportunities.



  • Proficient in the latest Mac operating systems and desktop publishing software, with advanced experience with Adobe Creative Suite: (emphasis on Lightroom, Photoshop, and In Design).
  • Strong technical skills.
  • Extreme attention to visual detail.
  • Strong prioritization skills, ability to balance multiple deadlines.
  • Ability to grasp new concepts quickly.
  • Strong communication skills.


Please contact us at with ‘Art Assistant’ as the subject line.



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